40 Short Curly Hairstyles for Women – Trending In 2020

Short Curly Hairstyles for Women, curly hair is much easier to style if you cut it short, and there are many inspirations coming from celebrities who look stunned. Feel more daring to enter the new year? Cut your hair and dye it one of the beautiful colors that people will stir in 2020.

Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

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A Southern woman knows how to make accessories, from jewels to rich red lips. But if she does, she knows that her biggest accessory is given by God and sticks, rain or shine. Her precious curls! Whether tangled waves, spiral or spring coils, curly hair is like your most unyielding friend, you’re lively, brave and often unpredictable. She may be the center of attention in any room, in a good way, or on wet days, in a bad way. Curls aren, nor afraid to make you work to stay in their good graces. That’s why we love short curly hair. With a well-chosen short hairstyle, curly hair can reach its full potential with half the effort. It is quite similar to normal curly locks and can allow you to play your texture and volume. Short hairstyles for this curly hair navigate the difficult path to perfectly defined curls, whether you can cut into pixie, cut, bobs or lob. It is time to give your spirit new life with a short make.

1. Mop Crop

Mop Crop Curly Hair

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Say five times fast. This side sweeping style is suitable for ladies with larger, more comfortable curls, and it looks like a cool and calm lady. The bangs are much longer than the back and the opposite sides, making it slightly skewed.

2. Curly Crop

Curly hair crop haircut

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We love this soft, soft style because it’s cute, simple and slightly sculpted. The back is kept short, while the bangs are free to roam!

3. French Bob

Classic french bob hairstyle

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This is how classic bob goes to Europe. Mussed effort that stands out in any room. Often accompanied by short bangs or face layers to fling around, French bob is mostly about sleazy and combined looks at the same time.

4. Boyish Pixie

Boyish pixie hairstyles

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If you have larger, larger curls, this masculine cut is a great choice. Moisturizer with mousse volume, such as Madam C.J. Walker Curl Whip Styling Souffle, helps to moisturize and identify thick curls while adding supple mass.

5. Baby Bangs

Baby bangs hair trend

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Children’s bangs are exploding this year, although it takes a bold woman to make a cut! These smart bangs can do more than bangs, and it combines perfectly with ultra-thin curly hair.

6. Classic Pixie

Cute classic pixie haircuts

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Pixie this spring is almost too lovely. It is short around with a few longer pieces in front of perfect bouncing on the forehead.

7. Stacked Bob

Stacked bob for fine hair

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To get some key definitions and avoid heavy looks, stacking bob hair is the style for curly haired girls. Increase volume with foam mousse or gel.

8. Modern Shag

Short Curly Hairstyles Modern Shag

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The new shag hairstyle has all the layers, bangs and texture of the traditional shag; But with a more modern and sleek edge. The curly-haired girls can stir up this amazing cut.

9. Layered Coils

short layered curly haircut

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Classes operate some great magic if you have smaller curls like this. They make a short cut many bulky and good shapes. Avoid awkward clumsy triangle shapes that curly haired girls sometimes struggle by starting the layers in the middle of the road down your hair body.

10. Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical hairstyles short

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An asymmetrical cut is all about keeping interest and confusion in a short style, and choosing which side of your part to go shorter is up to you. We like this style of building large volumes by stacking heavy surfaces with short layers to achieve oblique look.

11. Tousled Layers

Tousled layered bob haircuts

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This hairstyle captures the hilarious personality of curly-haired girls with perfect tangles. Lots of layers help you escape when you throw the rings back and forth!

12. Voluminous Lob

Voluminous bob with side bangs

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This cut looks great on women with thick hair and larger curls, as seen here. The layers of faces that touch just below the cheekbones bring easy movement.

13. Side-Swept Bob

Side swept fringe bob hairstyles

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If you want a simple, classic bob hairstyle for curly hair, you can go with exquisite layering to encourage clarity and lightness. If you have more curls, you’ll want to add more layers to achieve that floating texture.

14. Levels of Layers

Levels of cloud layers

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When it comes to curly hair, the class can be your best friend. The middle layer of short axis pumps up the body, while more layers around the face add definition.

15. Jaw-Grazing Bob

Curly Hairstyles Jaw-Grazing Bob

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This super short bob hair is back in style in a big way. Instead of layering and becoming shorter in the back like crop cut, it sticks to the silhouette of the traditional bob bob just short! Minimal layers and lots of textures help this style work.

16. Vintage Short Bob

Vintage short bob hairstyles

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This hairstyle exudes classic charm, and we also received some vibes from Sandra Dee. It has all about getting the perfect bang that makes us wonder if we ever get that volume.

17. Bottom-Heavy Bob

Bottom heavy bob haircut

Source: https://www.southernliving.com/

Heavy finishes on bobs, especially short bobs, are dominating this year. Unlike when done on straight hair, this curly hairstyle gives such great texture and volume. Bangs, even when sparse, even help cut this hair.

18. Buzzed Perfection

Buzzed to perfection

Source: https://www.southernliving.com/

Sometimes you just need to make a jump, and this bold cut really gives you a great bone structure and beautiful features than any other length.

19. Modern Pin-Up Bangs

Curly Hairstyles Modern Pin-Up Bangs

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These sleek, black bangs provide a classic feel, while her bobbing curls look alluring and combined! Using rollers on bangs will create a bulging, rounded shape, reflecting the typical appearance of the future.

20. Centered Relaxed Bob

Centered relaxed bob hairstyles

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For more comfortable coils, this simple bob kicks a middle part and natural texture for a daily look. Roll it around, mix part of it, it’s more flexible than you think!

21. Heavy Side-Swept Lob

Heavy side swept lob hair with low taper fade

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This hairstyle is heavy on the bottom and heavy on the side, seems like a recipe for big sass and style. These big curls were brushed with their fingers into their sexiest lobes!

22. Centered Shoulder Length

Centered shoulder length hairstyles for thick hair

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For girls with the most minimalist curly hair (those who don’t want to go too short), this shoulder-length hairstyle with long layers and the middle is a trick.

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